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Hybrid working beyond the corona pandemic
Making the right choices

Hybrid working becomes the new normal. This brings benefits, but also concrete challenges, such as:

  • Making our work and office future-proof
  • Deciding on ratio working from home versus working on location; what kind of work is done where?
  • Remote leadership
  • Collaboration in a hybrid work environment
  • Ensuring that employees remain engaged and productive
  • Wellbeing of employees
  • How to foster innovation?

You get the best answers and solutions for these issues by listening to your employees and letting them actively contribute with ideas.

InnerVoice aims to help organizations to solve these themes together with their employees. Employees do have a wealth of knowledge and creative ideas to solve these challenges with you. We monitor the needs and ideas of employees using our (complementary) research methods:

  1. Through a compact survey, employees can give their opinion on themes relevant for Hybrid working such as collaboration, wellbeing, leadership, innovation, engagement and productivity.

  2. Next to that we deploy a (temporary) employee community. Under the guidance of a research community manager, employees are having discussions with each other and the community manager. We listen to their needs and experiences, but also use contemporary research techniques to generate ideas with them and come up with solutions.

Are you interested to hear more how this can work for your organization, please contact us.

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Anne Branger

Managing Director