Tata Steel

Continuously involve people in sustainable employability


Tata Steel wants to increase the sustainable employability of its employees.


Together with InnerVoice Tata Steel set up an online employee community. In this research community employees can discuss, think along and give feedback on topics such as health & vitality, career development, or modern terms of employment such as flexible working hours. InnerVoice and Tata Steel not only make use of questionnaires but also set up online discussions, polls and use creative research techniques. On the Platform Tata Steel offers concrete tools for its people to support sustainable employability. Next to that Tata Steel communicates there on policies and initiatives which are developed and implemented.


Through the employee community Tata Steel is able to continuously consult employees on the topics related to sustainable employability. This provides them with very concrete insights: which initiatives brings employees the most? Where is improvement in the workplace possible? And exactly within which group?

Marcel Dekker from Tata Steel: ‘The value of the platform is that large groups of employees are directly involved in policy development, and that they are well informed about the ongoing initiatives and actions Tata Steel will start.’

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