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Who we are

InnerVoice is part of the succesfull market research agency MWM2; specialist and marketleader in the field of research panels and –communities and fastest grower in the Dutch research market in the last 10 years. Where MWM2 us fully focused on listening to clients, InnerVoice is fully focused on listening to employees.

We work for numerous clients, nationally and internationally, in all sectors.

InnerVoice is specialist in employee research communities. Thereby we make use of our state of the art Crowdtech technology linked to our specialism in research and community-management. 


Govert van den Bos


Sander Klerk
Research Consultant


Babs Faber
Research Consultant


Irene Klein Bog
Research Consultant



InnerVoice is compliant with all national and international requirements for data security.