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Our Approach

Employees are having a voice in the community

An employee community is an online platform where employees are having a dialogue with a community manager and each other. There is continuous interaction to listen, discuss and solve topics with the “InnerVoice” of the organisation.

Employees participate in chats, online discussions, video interviews, polls, surveys and off line meetings.


Which community layout fits your goals best?

The goal and the kind of topics being covered determine the layout of the community. If it is a general community it covers very diverse topics, whereas a topic community is focused on one theme only. Time also plays a role: communities can be continuous where others are only temporary (2-6 months).

InnerVoice advices always on the community layout, too make sure that the community set up and duration will be aligned with your organizational issues.

Professional community management

Our experienced community-managers support the set up, the recruitment of the target employee groups, the activation and engagement of the participants. Whilst moderating the dialogue they use tested and creative research techniques. The community managers are always in close contact with the topic owners in the client’s organisation.

Research expertise

Our employee communities are ‘research based’. Guided by professional community managers we apply contemporary quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Therewith our findings are always sharp, relevant and substantiated.


InnerVoice uses the well tried and state of the art technology of Crowdtech; more than 250 research-communities already work with this community platform technology. The technology is participant friendly and is compliant with the latest legal requirements for data safety.