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Our vision

InnerVoice believes in the power of listening to employees of all organisations. We support listening to their voice professionally, openly and safely In our employee communities.

Together we make organisations stronger. 

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What is going on ?

Employees are much more knowledgeable, have a vision on work and are more assertive. They want to work for organisations where their ideas are valued and where they can really contribute.

On the other hand , more and more organisations are aware of the value of the experiences and ideas of their employees. They do realise that listening to employees gives them not only insight in their needs but also brings up original ideas.

In practice however, we do see that the knowledge and ideas of employees are not fully utilized. It is not so easy to manage this process well.


Why an employee community?

Safe place for employees

The community is a private platform outside the organisation.

They are 'research based'

we use both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Neutral environment

Experienced community managers from InnerVoice guide the discussions and activities.


Employees contribute by suggesting topics they consider important.

Feed forward

Improving the employee experience and organization together.

Cost efficient

A dialogue with a large group of employees without restraints in distance and timings.