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Employee Community Solutions

InnerVoice offers specific solutions with her communities. Below some examples.

Continuous Employee Community


Continuous Communities cover different themes throughout the year. These are themes coming from the whole of the organisation such as innovation, client experience, organizational changes, facilities and employee experience. This variant is interesting for organisations working agile and who want to involve their employees directly in ideation and concept development. The theme’s alternate in a frequency of 3 to 4 weeks.

Employee Experience Community


In the Employee Experience Community several themes impacting the employee experience are discussed. You can think of topics such as onboarding, sustainable deployment, diversity, culture, the follow up of the employee survey, communication and rewards. The themes alternate in a frequency of 3 to 4 weeks.

Learn from   ABN AMRO how they deploy their Employee Experience Community. 

Engagement Community


The Engagement Community aims to deepen and solve topics which become manifest in the yearly quantitative employee survey. Ideas and solutions to address and solve these topics come from the broad representation of employees in the engagement community. After the community dialogue the presented solutions can be validated in the wider organization by a survey. Therewith themes can be addressed and solved quickly with broad support, whilst contributing to higher engagement scores. The Engagement Community can be used both in the Pop Up version (temporarely) and continuously.

Pop-up Community


A Pop Up Community is a temporarily community with a specific theme to be solved in a relatively short period of 2-6 weeks, but with a support base of a large group of employees within the organization. Typically organisations make use of pop up communities for idea generation, understanding employee preferences around themes as sustainable employability or creating support during an organisational change.

Read here how a Popup Ideation community works.

Employee Survey Solutions

Our employee engagement surveys are contemporary; we use the latest insights and techniques.

Employee survey


Engagement of the people in your organisation is important. This is the factor contributing to company success, client satisfaction and loyalty from both the customer and the employee. InnerVoice works with a validated model to make this engagement visible and actionable. We inventarise what is going on in the organisation and measure what makes people in your organization really engaged. We always offer customisation within a validated structure. A solid core set of questions is combined with flexible and theme-specific questions. We measure flexibly in the time, based on your organization’s needs. InnerVoice uses validated benchmarks to make a comparison with other organisations and intuitive software for both client as well as employees.

Learn from Hans Anders how they deploy their employee surveys. 

Employee survey – Pulse


To have continuously insight in employee engagement in the different parts of the organization, InnerVoice uses Pulse surveys. These are regular and very short measurements of engagement focusing on actual topics within the organization. The flexible and agile Pulse surveys can be send to all employees at the same time, or are send on a bi-weekly basis to a smaller part of the organization. A Pulse survey process starts with a broad measurement in which we make a ‘picture’ of the organisation. This base measurement is the starting point for all other Pulse measurements which follow throughout the year.

Learn from CZ how we helped them deploy their employee survey. 

Combining the Engagement Survey and -Community.


InnerVoice combines the survey instruments aimed at measuring KPI’s and HR theme’s with the set up of an Engagement Community. Themes from the quantitative survey can be discussed and solved immediate after the survey. The broad representation of employees in the Community works jointly on direct improvement initiatives with an increased engagement as the result.

Custom projects


For and together with the Dutch trade Union, “ the Unie” we have developed a validated methodology and questionnaire for a transparant Collective Labour agreement process named DigiC. This process provides insights, engagement and a support base for both the employer and the employees. InnerVoice offers in this proces objective research into employee preferences by her employee surveys and –communities and clear reporting in the field of rewards and benefits. Result: Clear insights in employees preferences and therewith higher employee engagement on (collective) labour agreements.