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ABN AMRO is an organisation in transition. From a classical bank organisation to a tech-oriented financial. A change for the employees and especially visible in the bank’s recruitment activities. ABN AMRO has developed for instance the AR escape room: a virtual (Augmented Reality) game in which IT-talent has to stave off a global financial disaster.

That is off course a great innovation. However: recruiting is one, but an engaged, enthusiastic and because of that a loyal employee is two. That is where the Employee Experience comes into the picture : the sum of the experiences you have as an employee at ABN AMRO. Instead of the “classical” approach ‘from HR rolling out’ ABN AMRO HR knows puts employees in a position where they can actively contribute. After all it is their own experience that’s on the table.


From that viewpoint InnerVoice started with the set up of the ABN AMRO employee community: an online, interactive platform where employees coming from the whole of the company have a say and think along. Product owners from ABN AMRO HR putting foreward topics such as development opportunities, mobility and vitality; the specialists from InnerVoice put targeted research activities in place (discussions, polls and assignments) for the research themes and moderate the discussions. And logically ABN AMRO provides the community with feedback on the learnings. Particpants can also put forward topics which are important for them.

By taking this approach InnerVoice goes beyond listening: the research activities lead to concrete improvements from the target group.

Results & insights

ABN AMRO asked employees via the employee community how they experience the new performance management system 'Together & Better' . This gives direct insights on how that system is used in practice in the different parts of the bank. Another important insight is that people need more explanation why the organisation choose this approach. Based on these insights ABN AMRO was able to develop ‘Together & Better’ directly further and set up a targeted internal campagn to inform and engage employees.

Felix Bartelomij, Head of People Development at ABN AMRO: “With this community our colleagues have a voice and can we take advantage of valuable feedback. Every day again. We can have a dialogue with a large group of people. This gives us valuable insights in their experience and needs. We create the possibility to submit topics easily and fast. This gives us direct input on our policy- and product development. The Employee Experience of our employees is thereby influenced by our employees!"

Read here Felix’ blog on LinkedIn on this topic.

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