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The employee in a new role

Many organisations work agile. Therewith work is more flexible in planning and execution, and more important, the end user (client) has a voice in the development of products and services. So clients can help the organisation further.

Your employee as a client

Employees can and want to take a similar role. As organisations grow, HR offers offers different types of products to employees on areas as training and development, mobility, performance management and reward. And the clients of these products (the employees) are happy to think along.

An ideal approach for larger and diverse organisations is to have employees think along in an online research community. Therewith you give a voice to all kind of employees, wether they have commercial, technical, management- or logistical jobs. Also the physical location in the organisation is not important: everybody can participate with discussions and activities.

Result: everybody benefits

The results are very concrete. Organisations as ABN AMRO and Tata Steel benefit already from the insights and innovative power of their employees. And the winners are: HR working much more effective on HR themes and engaged employees; the employees help to make their own work more fun and healthier; with as result an organisation which performs much better.

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