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This time needs creativity from your employees

It is an unprecedented time. Organisations have to put all hands on deck to keep the business and internal processes going. Many organisations are now wondering:

  • How to keep existing services and where to find potential opportunities?
  • How can products or services be redesigned where needed?
  • How can we make optimal use of available people and resources?
  • How can we work smarter at home and keep employees engaged at the same time?

Answering these questions is not easy. It requires breaking away from existing conventions and above all: creativity. And you can use any help with that.

Brainstorm with employees

You cannot solve the major challenges that you face as an organization with the management team alone. You will have to use the collective intelligence of your organization. Really good ideas often come from a corner where you do not expect it and that is why it is smart to involve all employees in this. In a collective think tank in the form of a short-term research community, you can talk directly and effectively with your employees.

Start an Ideation Pop-up Community

Especially for all of those organisations who quickly need valuable ideas, InnerVoice has now created the standardized Ideation Pop-up Community. You can use this to engage with a (large) group of employees and ask them to think along with you. The InnerVoice 'Pop-up Think Tank’ is accessible, motivating and does not take much of employees’ time.

This is how it works

  • All we need is the e-mail addresses of 75-150 employees and then we have your Ideation community up-and-running within two days. It goes without saying that we meet all (ISO) certifications for data security and the discussion takes place in a secure, closed environment.

  • Then we will enter into a dialogue with your employees using validated qualitative online research techniques (such as online discussion, chat, polls, video calling and other creative methods). You can also moderate the community yourself with the support of our consultants.

  • After two weeks you will receive an insightful report with the most important findings, ideas and approaches, so that as an organization you will not lose any time and can get started right away. The Ideation Pop-up Community can be stopped immediately afterwards.

Why a new instrument?

"A great idea, but why not use existing (research) instruments?" You may ask. You can, but the problem with existing research tools as a questionnaire is that it is not interactive. Exactly now, you as an organisation need dialogue. You want to initiate a lively discussion with video calls, discussions, chats and polls, which will quickly yield results for your organisation.

Due to the dynamics of a research community, you have enough useful ideas within a week to a maximum of two weeks that you can get started with. In the Pop-up Think Tank employees not only enter into a dialogue with you or the moderator, but also with each other. This way, a good basic idea from one of your employees can quickly develop into a very well-developed and widely supported plan

Limited investment

We are well aware that you have to pay attention to costs during this time. That is precisely why InnerVoice's Ideation Community is the solution. With the limited investment for this think tank, the employees you already had on your pay-roll are your creative consultants.


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Anne Branger

Managing Director