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Hans Anders wants to be a professional organization in which the customer is put in the centre. To listen to its customers Hans Anders measures the Net Promoter Score (NPS). That is important, however, as manager-HR Funs Janssen says it: “the employee is the most important link. As a management you can think of everything to operate in a more customer-oriented way, but the employees have to do it ”.


With this in mind, InnerVoice/MWM2 has set up an employee survey together with Hans Anders: to listen to employees based on the strategic goals of Hans Anders. By measuring KPIs such as involvement and recommendation (the Employee Net Promoter score, ENPS), we laid the foundation with our MTO model. The survey also focuses on specific aspects that are important to Hans Anders, such as customer focus and room for initiative and cooperation by employees. Through this technique, we have made the employee survey into a strategic instrument that provides specific input for the strategy of Hans Anders.


Because the questionnaire is geared to the (strategic) objectives of Hans Anders, the theme immediately provides valuable information. For example, the topic of "customer focus" has provided very interesting input and has fueled many conversations in the organisation. This also applies to the organisational culture: does your opinion as an employee matter in the organization? Is there room for initiative from the employees?
This theme was a baseline measurement: a photo of the organization and also a starting point. Hans Anders wants to continue to follow the most important topics in the coming years. After all, building on that professional customer-oriented organization is an ongoing process.

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