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Give employees a voice

At InnerVoice we directly see the impact our employee communities have on our clients. Next to the valuable and concrete ideas of the people on the workplace these communities boost the engagement of employees.

Low engagement: causes and solutions

We do see regularly research on the high disengagement figures of employees in the Netherlands, maar also abroad. The result of that is less productivity, growth and innovation, to name a few. Difficult, but there are possibilities to solve it, as we know what the drivers of employee engagement are. Employees like to work for a company where:

  • They are taken seriously
  • They can really conribute
  • They are seen and valued as individuals

An important factor is autonomy: do not micromanage employees but give space in deciding how to reach their targets. Managers should therefore enable their employees in reaching these targets and give trust.

As least as important is giving employees a voice. Listen to their input & ideas and act upon it! Organisations who do this well have high scores on all three points: employees are taken seriously (their ideas count), they can contribute (insights and ideas) and they feel valued (the organisation appels to their know how and wisdom).

Community: the knife cuts both ways

How to organise it? How to listen to employees from all corners of the organisation , with different jobs and on different locations? We do see that a structural dialogue with employees delivers valuable results, such as through an online resarch community from InnerVoice. This is a safe and interactive online platform where we facilitate research based discussions and activities. InnerVoice guides your organisation by facilitating a professional discussion. There is room for everyone’s ideas and inputs from all employees en this leads to concrete improvements and innovations.

Read here how ABN AMRO improves with InnerVoice the Employee Experience!

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