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Natuurmonumenten: success starts with engaged employees.

Natuurmonumenten (Dutch Society for Nature Conservation) is a sizable organization dedicated to conserving the natural environment in the Netherlands. Achieving this mission relies heavily on the efforts of its 750 employees and 5,200 volunteers, both of whom are indispensable to the organization. As such, Natuurmonumenten places great importance on fostering the satisfaction and engagement of its workforce and volunteers.

More than just a focus on satisfaction and engagement
The partnership with InnerVoice is instrumental in Natuurmonumenten's strategy to maintain, and where possible, enhance the satisfaction and engagement levels among employees and volunteers. InnerVoice's employee surveys have yielded crucial insights into areas like work pressure, diversity, and teamwork.

"The partnership with InnerVoice has been a reality check, showing us where we stand as an organization," comments Jeannette van Dijk.

The goal of the survey was not merely to gauge employee satisfaction but also to stimulate open conversation. By fostering a safe space where employees feel comfortable voicing their opinions, room was created for discussions on more challenging topics like leadership quality. This openness has, in turn, led to transparent communication across the organization—a priority for the organization.

Customization: The Hallmark of the Partnership
Jeannette van Dijk, the team leader for development, is very pleased with the professional approach of InnerVoice. She describes the partnership as highly collaborative and values the complementary skills both parties bring to the table. "The communication has been smooth, and we've been able to pivot quickly when needed. In fact, the research project was completed ahead of schedule," notes Jeannette.

Besides effective communication, the flexibility to customize the survey was a decisive factor in opting for InnerVoice.

"InnerVoice is the go-to choice if you’re not interested in a one-size-fits-all questionnaire. There are numerous off-the-shelf questionnaires available for topics like employee satisfaction, but we needed something that would specifically benefit Natuurmonumenten. InnerVoice has certainly delivered on that front," comments Jeannette.

The organization intends to regularly update its research on the chosen topics. This approach will let you track changes over time to see real improvements and their impact. Armed with this information, the organization can proactively make adjustments in areas such as decision-making, diversity and inclusion, and leadership quality within the organization.

With its commitment to focused collaboration, clear and prompt communication, and customized solutions, InnerVoice stands as a valuable partner for Natuurmonumenten.

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