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Located in the Netherlands, Werkse! is a social employment company. The organization provides guidance to Delft residents who face employment barriers, helping them find suitable work, both within their own work-training businesses and beyond. For decades, they have been assisting individuals and developing employment methodologies. The organization operates on the belief that work and participation lead to happier people, and happier individuals contribute to a better society.

At Werkse!, employee engagement and listening to employees are top priorities. Guido Bindels of Werkse! emphasizes, "We firmly believe that everyone should be able to work here with pride, joy, and confidence." To meet these goals, assessing engagement and conducting research are essential, which is why Werkse! has partnered with InnerVoice.

Enhancing workplace satisfaction and contentment
Employee satisfaction encompasses various factors that influence it.

Werkse! uses InnerVoice surveys to find out what employees need in areas that affect their job enthusiasm and engagement. According to Guido Bindels of Werkse!, "What's crucial for workplace satisfaction is having the right conditions in place. This includes the facility, climate, work attire, workspaces, and similar factors. It also involves effective guidance, skilled staff, and an adequate workforce. Policy considerations, such as work processes and decision-making, are equally important. We invest in all these diverse aspects to ensure our employees are as content as possible."

InnerVoice understands Werkse!'s unique needs
Guido describes the collaboration with InnerVoice in very positive terms.

"Our partnership with InnerVoice is both pleasant and professional. What sets InnerVoice apart from other providers is their ability to offer tailored solutions and their proactive approach throughout the entire process. This means we can trust them with the research without any concerns."

Werkse! aims to build upon the feedback they've received and implement improvements within the organization. The results lead to tangible actions, such as updating their work attire to instill pride in employees. This initiative has been so successful that employees have even started ordering company attire through their own webshop to wear on weekends. Maintaining employee feedback and making necessary improvements are vital for the organization to foster further growth and engagement. Regarding future collaboration with InnerVoice, Guido Bindels of Werkse! states:

"Our initial experience has been extremely positive. We can envision future surveys, such as an annual assessment of how employees perceive specific themes as part of an evaluation. InnerVoice offers an excellent module for this."


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