From employee engagement
to activation


MWM2/InnerVoce mapped this year the engagement of CZ-employees. CZ wanted to implement this well at all levells of the organisation and asked InnerVoice to advise and support them in this process.


Consultants from InnerVoice have presented the results of the employee engagement survey at three different CZ-locations. Next to that we facilitated an activation session for the HR-department, so that employees could immediately start working on the results. During the session we started with a reflection on the outcomes of the theme. After that we facilitated a session in which the participants made the translation of these results into the future. Which buttons can you turn to increase the engagement of the CZ-employees and more important: how do you do that and what is needed to do that?


Participants rated the activation session with an average mark of 8,2. They describe the session as an “inspiring, interactive session” and “nice design, good dialogue, you are literally activated”. Thanks CZ, we thought you were great participants!

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