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Medium sized and larger Dutch employers make only limited use of the knowledge and experience of employees to innovate and to improve their organisations. That is one of the findings of  research done by InnerVoice under 500 employees working in companies and organisations in the Netherlands.

Employees larger organisaties don’t feel heard

At larger employers (organisations with 500 employees or more), the input of ideas is usually best organised. Often there is a Works Council and a yearly employee engagement survey in place. However, especially at these larger organisations employees feel the least heard (47%). Next to that they do not, or hardly experience any participation. About 62% of the surveyed employees indicate that the yearly employee survey does not give concrete clues for improvement.

Missed opportunity

“That employers of larger companies do not listen is really a missed opportunity”, says managing director Anne Branger from InnerVoice. “Organisations do realise that continuous improvement is crucial is to stay ahead of the competition.

But they often fail to involve employees and take them along the idea generation.
Regularly listening to employees is important, not only for innovation, but also to connect employees and create involvement with the organisation. The result is a succesfull organisation”.

More information on this research

More information on this research or on employee communities from InnerVoice you can request with Anna Branger.

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Anne Branger

Managing Director